where do quicksand take you tho 

The sand world

Não quero uma pessoa que me diga “Eu te amo”, quero uma pessoa que demonstre esse amor.
Thiago Polycarpo.  (via sapattona)

1.) Always post the rules

2.) Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked, and write 11 new ones

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I was tagged by idiotwhatsername thanks hun ♥ 

1.Current mood: I’m extremely sleepy and a tad worried 
2. Do you miss someone atm? Yes! my Dad, grandfather and best friend :c
3. Favourite candy: Skittles 
4. What tabs do you have open right now? just tumblr 
5. Tea or coffee? I prefer coffe but I like tea too
6. What’s your biggest dream? Go to Germany and learn how to speak German
7. Biggest regrets? Not speaking my mind when I should
8. How many liked posts do you have atm? 14.216
9. Favourite song: I can’t pick one! I have too many but Hitchin’ A Ride, Whatsername, Platypus, Scream and maany more
10. Favourite movie: The Heat and The Hangover (all three parts)
11. Favourite youtuber: Kingsley 

My questions: 
1.- How was your day? 
2.- Would you go swimming with sharks? 
3.- How many concerts have you been to? 
4.- Would you like to go to Tomorrowland? 
5.- If you had to move countries, where would you like to live for the rest of you life? 
6.- Do you have any pets? 
7.- Do you have a favourite teacher? 
8.- What’s your best memory? 
9.- Would you rather be able to breathe underwater or fly? Why?
10.- Do you have any plans for next week?
11.- Have you been to a foreign country before? 

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